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*Write a topic sentence that identifies the main opposing viewpoint…

*Write a topic sentence that identifies the main opposing viewpoint or risk to your proposal.


*Include evidence and discussion to explain the opposing viewpoint/risk.


*Respond to the opposing viewpoint/risk. Include evidence and discussion.


*Write the concluding sentence that wraps up this paragraph.



Opposing Viewpoint/Risk: One opposing viewpoint or risk is the cost and time required to implement and maintain a comprehensive training program. It may be expensive to provide training to a large number of employees, and the resources required to develop and update the training materials could be significant. Additionally, some employees may be resistant to the idea of undergoing training or may not have the necessary time or availability to participate fully. There is also a risk that the training may not be effective or may become outdated quickly, requiring further investment in updating the materials. Furthermore, partnering with local universities or technical schools may also involve additional costs and may not necessarily result in a direct benefit to the organization if employees choose to leave after completing the courses.



Evidence: According to a study by Training Magazine, the average cost per employee for training and development in 2019 was $1,286. This cost can be even higher for specialized or technical training programs. Additionally, a survey by CareerBuilder found that 58% of employees did not receive any formal on-the-job training from their employers. These statistics suggest that implementing a comprehensive training program can be costly and may not be feasible for all organizations. Furthermore, research has shown that the effectiveness of training programs can vary widely depending on factors such as the quality of the materials and instruction, the relevance to employees’ job duties, and the level of engagement from participants. A study by McKinsey & Company found that only 25% of respondents believed their company’s training programs were effective at improving performance. Finally, partnering with local universities or technical schools may involve additional costs such as tuition reimbursement or other incentives to attract employees to participate in these programs. There is also a risk that employees who complete these courses may leave the organization soon after receiving their certification or degree, resulting in little direct benefit to the organization.



Your Response to Opposing Viewpoint/Risk: Before making any decisions, Home Depot must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a thorough training program. They might perform a cost-benefit analysis to ascertain the return on investment and make sure the program is customized to the needs of each employee to reduce the hazards. To promote employee engagement and make sure that the training materials are frequently updated to reflect the most recent technology and best practices, they can also think about providing incentives or awards. Furthermore, collaborating with colleges or technical schools could lead to the acquisition of priceless skills and knowledge that the company might find useful in the future, even if some employees decide to leave.



Evidence: Training Sector. In a study of more than 2,500 workers and managers, only 50% said their companies had given them the training they needed to accomplish their jobs well. The poll also revealed that a lack of managerial support, adequate training resources, and time constraints were the top obstacles to effective training. This shows that there may be considerable obstacles to executing a thorough training program in terms of cost, effort, and support from management and staff. Additionally, there is a chance that the training won’t effectively meet the organization’s unique needs or that it will quickly become out of date, necessitating additional investment in upgrading the materials.

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