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WBS and Gantt Chart Artifacts Starting a project in the right way…

WBS and Gantt Chart Artifacts
Starting a project in the right way helps set everything that follows for the greatest
chance of success.
The background for the project you’ll be working on is in the “In-Class Assignment –
Synergy Conference” PDF document, in Module 2.
You’re free to include any & all aspects of planning a conference that are
relevant/important. Some things to consider & keep in mind:
 Will you approach this using a top-down, or bottom-up?
 What are you going to need to do? (Be specific – others who will read it can’t
read your mind)
 What must you have, and what might be a nice-to-have?
 How will you visualize the work items?
 Who is going to do each item?
 Make sure each item is numbered (The numbers should be the same on the
WBS and the Gantt Chart)
 What is the expected duration of each activity?
 What dependencies can you identify?
You can use one of the templates provided, use another you’re familiar with, or make up
your own.
While none of us are professional event planners, make sure your WBS items make
sense and cover off some major elements you might expect from a conference. Your
WBS should likely have a minimum of 15 items. If you find you’re getting over 30 items,
you’re likely including more than would be expected! But as the Project Manager, it
really is up to you.


make this answer look like from above two images create one chart and one template 

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