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view President George W. Bush’s Bullhorn Speech, delivered on…

view President George W. Bush’s Bullhorn Speech, delivered on September 14, 2001, and Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Prize Lecture.  Then answer the following questions in as essay:

  • What was the general purpose for each speech? What was the specific purpose? Provide evidence from the speech to support your claims. (It was not the general purpose of the speech “to provide new information.” It was persuasive, not informative. Therefore, the specific purpose could not be “to provide new information about the war on terror” or “to provide new information about girls’ education.”)
  • Using the discussion of evidence in Chapter 7 and the discussion of persuasion in Chapter 14, list the types of supporting material each speaker used in the speech. Give an example of how each type of supporting material is used and then evaluate the use of this evidence. Rely on outside sources, even if you disagree with their conclusions, to help you identify his arguments and evidence. Use the additional reading in this Lesson as a model for testing supporting material, and cite it is as needed. Include at least one other scholarly reference to support your argument.

 use at least two scholarly (peer reviewed) sources in your research for this part of the assignment to help you understand how to analyze arguments and make your own analysis of the speech.  The articles that were assigned reading for this lesson can count as two of the two scholarly sources, if you use ideas from it to make your argument.  These scholarly sources must be academic journals and books. Newspapers, available online, can provide supplemental information, particularly with recent speeches that you will analyze, but only use newspaper articles that were written around the time of the speech; articles written much later tend to be historical appreciations. Many government and non-government agencies no longer publish official reports on paper, but their documents are available online as primary sources. Other webpages, especially social media, blogs, and news aggregators, lack the editorial review oversight that makes published information reliable, useful, and acceptable. Wikipedia can help you orient your academic search, but it is not a scholarly source.

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