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Topic is social media affecting mental health   1.  Search an…

Topic is social media affecting mental health


1.  Search an appropriate  NSU Libraries database for resources on your topic.

2.  Search OCLC Discovery for resources on your topic.

3.  A blog entry listing the FIVE best items you select from your searches.  

4.  For each of the FIVE items, answer all of these questions following each citation:

Which database (not vendor, EBSCO is a vendor not a database.  Be specific like “Academic Search Premier” or “NSU Libraries Collection”) did you use to find it?

Why did you use this database? 

What search terms worked best in the database?  Did you use standardized subject terms offered by the database?

What are the strengths and weakness of the NSU databases you used? What are the strengths and weaknesses of OCLC Discovery?

Name at least one new thing you learned from this week’s videos and/or by completing this blog post.




Liu, M., & Chen, X. (2021). COVID-19 basics and vaccine development with a Canadian perspective.  Canadian Journal of Microbiology67(2), 112-118.  https://doi.org/10.1139/cjm-2020-0421

Search terms: Covid 19 vaccine development

Database: Academic Search Premier

I used this database, because I want to see what kind of information the “General Research” under Articles and Database search has provided, then “Academic Search Premier” seems to be the most interesting database to search since it’s under the General Research base sites and I believe it can provide information over anything. The term that I used is Covid 19 vaccine  development with the boolean/Phrase search option. I did not use a specific term, but I did narrow it down to full text availability and peer reviews edition. The strengths of this database is there are several filters available such as source types, results limitation, publication and more. The weakness is that, when I narrow it down to the full text filter, only two results showed, which means the source does not usually provide information in full text from this database.

And here is another response from the same student, appearing at the end of their list of citations and which answers the final question:

I’ve been using the OCLC Discover search from NSU library, but didn’t know it was known as OCLC Discover is something I learned from this research assignment.

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