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 Tabletop Exercise (15%) Develop a tabletop exercise for your…

 Tabletop Exercise (15%) Develop a tabletop exercise for your organization or community. The size and scope of your exercise can be whatever you need it to be in order for you to complete the assignment. You can involve as few or as many agencies as you feel necessary. For the purpose of this assignment you are required to complete nine (9) tasks that relate to your tabletop exercise: 1. Budget Create a draft budget for your exercise. 2. Scope Define the scope for your exercise. You can use the sample scope worksheet from the CityCrash exercise as a guide. Make sure you include the following scope items: • Type of exercise • Hazard/situation • Functions/activities • Agencies involved • Personnel (level or position) • Geographical location • Key details (date, time, weather conditions) • Proposed budget • Exercise date 3. Purpose statement Using your scope definition, develop a purpose statement for your tabletop exercise. 4. Objectives Using the SMART model, develop five (5) objectives for your tabletop exercise. 5. Expected actions Develop two (2) expected actions for each exercise objective that you have developed for your tabletop exercise (10 expected actions in total). 6. Questions, tasks, and problem statements Using one of the expected actions that you have created, develop one (1) question, one (1) task, and one (1) problem statement for that expected action. ESMS-3360_Syllabus.docx 5 Last updated: October 22, 2022 7. Evaluation Develop ten (10) evaluation criteria, one (1) criterion for each of the expected actions you developed, above. You can develop quantitative or qualitative criteria, or a mix of both. 8. Scenario Using the scenario builder questions below, develop a scenario for your exercise: • What is the event? • Was there advance warning? • What time did the event occur? • What happens (in sequence)? • Where does the event occur? • Does its location move? • How fast, strong, deep, and dangerous is the event? • What response has already been taken? • What damage has already been reported? • What is predicted for the future? • What are the weather conditions? • Are there other factors to consider? 9. Narrative Develop a narrative for your table top exercise based on the scenario that you just developed.

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