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  OUT OF MY MiND characters   1- Name of the person who took care…


OUT OF MY MiND characters


1- Name of the person who took care of Melody every day after school. 


2- This educator told Molly and Claire to remain standing as punishment for their rude and insensitive behavior.


3-This goldfish jumped out of its bowl and caused Melody to explode in panic.


4- This is the person whom Melody wrote about for her biography report.


5-This person asked Melody’s mother, “Who are you to tell me how to run my class?”


6- A week before Christmas, Melody received this item in a huge brown box that was delivered by a UPS driver.


7-This person vowed to “make it up to Melody” for their leaving Melody behind when the flight was changed to an earlier time.


8-Stuffed animal that was accidentally run over by Dad in the driveway.


9- This person falsely claimed to be one of Melody’s best friends, even saying how they ate lunch together every day and quizzed one another in preparation for the competition.


10- This person suffered a  broken leg and internal injuries and had to undergo surgery as the result of being run over by an automobile.

please attach the numbers with the letters thank you 

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