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Listening as a communication skill   1. Listening is a critical…

Listening as a communication skill


1. Listening is a critical communication skill. Even the most carefully crafted messages do not work unless they are received and understood. In the workplace, your ability to listen well is as important as your ability to write or speak well.


How can improved listening skills help you advance your career? Check all that apply.


When you are not speaking, you have more time to think about your own projects.

Good listening promotes quiet work environments.

Through listening, you will have a better understanding of others.

Good listening will help you make better decisions.



2. You are meeting with your coworkers and supervisor to review a new team assignment, work plan, and schedule. Your supervisor distributes the project schedule and begins to walk the team through highlighted dates and deliverables.Your coworker Karen glances through the schedule, appears to be bored, and then begins using her smartphone to check her email. She looks up at regular intervals and pretends to be listening, but she doesn’t notice when your supervisor indicates several slight but critical last-minute changes to the schedule on the white board.Finally, your supervisor indicates that there will be follow-up meetings next Monday morning. Each subteam then will meet to review the project components and begin problem solving.At the end of your team meeting, Karen raises her hand and asks your supervisor when the next meeting is. She wants to enter it on her schedule.


Different occasions call for different listening styles. Which listening style is best suited for this situation?


Empathetic listening

Casual listening

Listening for information


Your coworker Karen was not listening well. Which of the bad listening habits apply to Karen in the scenario? Check all that apply.


Allowing disruptions

Failing to observe nonverbal aids

Dismissing subjects as uninteresting

Faking attention




What is the first suggestion you should make to help Karen become a more effective listener?


Ask reflective questions that assess understanding.

Minimize environmental and mental distractions.

Take excessive notes to capture all data accurately.










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