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In 2013, Idalia Hernández Ramos, a middle school teacher in…

In 2013, Idalia Hernández Ramos, a middle school teacher in Mexico, was a victim of cyber harassment. 
After discovering that one of her students tweeted that the teacher was a “bitch” and a “whore,” 
Hernández confronted the girl during a lesson on social media etiquette. Inquiring why the girl would 
post such hurtful messages that could harm the teacher’s reputation, the student meekly replied that. 
she was upset at the time. The teacher responded that she was very upset by the student’s actions. 
Demanding a public apology in front of the class, Hernández stated that she would not allow “young. 
brats” to call her those names. Hernández uploaded a video of this confrontation online, attracting. 
much attention.
While Hernández was subject to cyber harassment, some felt she went too far by confronting the 
student in the classroom and posting the video for the public to see, raising concerns over the privacy. 
and rights of the student.

1. In trying to teach the student a lesson about taking responsibility for her actions, did the 
teacher go too far and become a bully? Why or why not? Does she deserve to be fired for her 
2. What punishment does the student deserve? Why?
3. Who is the victim in this case? The teacher or the student? Was one victimized more than the 
other? Explain.
4. Do victims have the right to defend themselves against bullies? What if they go through the 
proper channels to report bullying and it doesn’t stop? 
5. How should compassion play a role in judging other’s actions? 
6. How are factors like age and gender used to “excuse” unethical behavior? (ie. “Boys will be 
boys” or “She’s too young/old to understand that what she did is wrong”) Can you think of any 
other factors that are sometimes used to excuse unethical behavior?
7. How is cyberbullying similar or different from face-to-face bullying? Is one more harmful than 
the other? Explain.
8. Do you know anyone who has been the victim of cyber-bullying? What types of harm did this 
person experience

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