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how do I make an  Information Disclosure Statement based on the…

how do I make an  Information Disclosure Statement based on the faux prior art search provided further below?

–          Link: https://www.uspto.gov/patents/apply/forms

–          Go to the Information Disclosure Statement by Applicant – EFS Web Auto Load Version (SB/08 EFS Web)

–          Download this file and save. Will not be viewable and editable in most web browsers. Will need a PDF reader, like Adobe.

Additional Facts Needed:

–          This fact pattern continues from last week’s fact pattern.

–          Elmer Fudd has reviewed and given a thumbs up to your Transmittal and ADS. He’d like to file the patent application by Thursday, November 16 before he leaves the office for the day.

–          Elmer Fudd has requested that you prepare the Information Disclosure Statement based on the prior art search he completed earlier on for the client.

–          Application Number and Filing Date – Just like before, does not exist yet as the application has not been filed.

–          Art Unit and Examiner Name – These are also not known yet and will not be known until the application is filed and it begins to be processed and assigned to someone at the USPTO knowledgeable in Tommy Pickles’ technology.

–          Docket No / Attorney Reference No.: ACME008

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