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Answer and Explain the questions below  …

Answer and Explain the questions below




Research and define each of the following terms: You may find the link above useful when researching. The specific industry language is important

a. Backward Chaining (please include the starting point)

b. Forward Chaining (please include the starting point)

c. Global Chaining (please include the two starting points)

d. Shaping (please include the technical term that summarizes how shaping is achieved)



2. For each of the following vignettes, state whether the strategy being used is backward chaining; forward chaining; Global chaining or shaping. 


a. Charles wants to learn to make toast.  A task analysis is completed and the instructor begins training Charles on the step of taking the loaf of bread out of the bread box.


b. Deidra is learning to wash dishes.  The first step she was taught was to turn on the water to rinse the dishes and then turn off the water.  Now she is working on placing the dishes in the sink.  Later, she will learn the rest of the steps.


c. Deloris is a loner and her parents are eager for her to learn to interact with others.  A goal is set for her to look at and say “hi” to people at school.  She is first told “good job” when she walks within 10 feet of another person, then within 5 feet, then 2 feet.  Later, she is given a penny when she looks in the direction of another person from 2 feet, then when she makes eye contact with another person, then when she whispers “hi,” then when she says “hi” loudly enough to be understood.


d. Jorge is learning how to use a vending machine.  The first step for instruction is taking the can out of the machine slot, the next is pushing the Pepsi button, the next dropping the money in the slot, and so on.

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