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Abbot & Costello Who’s On First -…

Abbot & Costello Who’s On First – LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcRRaXV-fg


     Friends I told you that my partner would be here and here he is then the expected midget, now he always shapes up now why not let the folks themselves ask for something that they’d like to hear, something different now is there anything special that you would like to hear us do baseball, no now wait a minute friends with you don’t want to hear that deal yeah we got the props for you, here did you all say that well this is a must I guess it’s so much we’ve got to do it well I’m telling you let me see that looks alright okay pretend we’re just pretend of alright. I’ll take it easy with that when this pretending that there were organizing a baseball team here at the retired actors home and I am the manager now you’re gonna be the manager two retired actors baseball team, yes I would like to join the retired actors baseball team oh you would I would like to know some of the guys into a team so if I want to play with on my own, oh man I need them on the street or in a home here at to say home to them oh sure but you know they give baseball players. Nowadays very peculiar names a lot of funny names you know like stinky feels sticky feeling a goofy Dan poopy barber boobie barber okay well let’s see that we have on our team we have who’s on first what’s on second, I don’t knows on third that’s what I want to find out the guys name huh and so what I want to find out the guys name I’m tell me who’s on first what’s on second I don’t knows on third however you might be to mention a baseball team yes you know the guys name sure well you tell me the guys name to the baseball a who’s on first what’s on second, I don’t knows on third can you say that to me yet hi I’m Kelly I’m telling you well said none yet man tell me who’s on first what’s on second, I don’t know his own third you let a dog’s name to the Facebook yeah well the head who’s up first yes I mean the guy’s name oh they got man fights fool at first base who is on first who’s that first that’s who’s baby then Tommy oh the guy first that’s it that’s his name, second is you know you did you guys name at first base the guy’s name on first base the guy prefers my who is on first Lu, why are you asking I’m asking you a simple question who’s that first yes slang Tommy that’s it that’s who I’m asked you what’s the guy’s name on first what’s on second I’m asking you who’s on second John for anybody now what’s the guy’s name on first base oh what is on second I’m not asking you who’s on second was on first I don’t know he’s on fire how can I get out third Bay you mentioned his name, I mission is near I know everybody’s name on a team oh yeah hot climates the guy’s name you did you just mention it all right what’s the guy’s name a third base no what’s on second who’s that second who’s on first who’s on first I’m not asking you what time fine what’s on say who’s that second zone bird I don’t know anybody interface 14 you do you mention their names, I don’t sure you got enough feel naturally now that feels name why just wanna ask you I just thought I’d tell you go ahead tell me tell you why well if use name why because I want it now because it’s everything you know these planes as well it’s an appeal comes on bridge what’s that you know guys names on a team or Chloe you don’t seem to understand, see I have a first baseman you gotta you gotta fragrances I ask you watch this what’s the first I ask you what’s the first baseman’s name no what’s the second baseman I’m gonna she’s I ask you what’s the first baseman what’s the second baseman I don’t even get past of it all right who’s on second who’s on first anyone you want to talk about all right now who’s that first right okay, all right you got a first baseman when you pay off the first base with nothing month who gets the money every dollar he does some time is right from zavok likes it whose wife yes why not low he’s our ended food it yeah will you pay off the

first missionary month you get a machine from the guys your house these hands name oh they give the money from home hey get back well that’s how he signs it that’s how who signs it yes like them that’s it, Oh look you gotta first base yes and you say to him is your money sign the receipt how does he sign his name oh the guy you give the money to that’s how inside that’s how sure first base signers name who the guy first when you give the guy the money what’s the guy’s name that you give the money to go wait a minute what signs his own who signs it off though he signs it I mean what’s the guy’s name I freshy keep others on sick I’m not asking you who’s that second Sunbury, I know let me understand the cinema for the charity homes be a fine team without a picture it’s a fight theme and the pitchers name tomorrow I can’t change there you let something day I’m telling you I had come to pitchers name tomorrow tomorrow all right what time tomorrow tell me the pitchers name what time on what time to lay the tummy who’s pitching who is that I don’t know watch the pitchers name what’s on say I don’t know in that kitchen, sadly you’ve got to catch her on a baseball team catch his name today, today Tamar’s fishing today’s can I have got it I got it all right now we got a couple of days a team that’s all you know bad Lou I don’t get have to have a pretty good picture myself and so they told me yeah and I just behind a friend I’m gonna do some education that’s a Mars mission might seem right doc tomorrow he wants up the ball I’m behind the breaking ahead and you know gets up not heavy-headed except Ernie he’s ready at the border come on little boy on the kitchen, I’m gonna try to marco’s aboard a guy puts the ball now when he punched the ball maybe in a good catcher I want to throw down at first base so I pick up the bullet through the hole now that’s the first thing you’ve said right you throw the ball first Baker now who’s got it naturally sure plays bass 

– I want to throw the guy out so so I thought upon the hope naturally thought the movement so I pick up the ball and I thought can I try now you throw the ball at first-base then who gets it naturally bad I pick up the ball so I thought that you’re those I thought the hope their chance what I’d say exactly poke the hole natural you asked me you throw the ball to who throws that naturally that’s right whoever it is better get it don’t worry about who go get it he better get it now, I throw the ball to who ever it is basketball so the guy runs a second who picks up the ball throws the white white closed I don’t know I did that runs back into my triple play could be another guy gets up, but it’s a long flight both to because why I don’t know he’s not third I don’t give a darn oh that’s our shortstop.



Choosing a Frame

It has been stated that, as is often true with frame conflicts, the misunderstanding could be easily resolved if either party stepped back to reflect and try a different approach, instead of plunging resolutely down the same path.

In the video clip ( or full transcript,  will see how misunderstanding resulting from divergent frames (interpretations) can snowball into a more challenging situation.


After watching the video or reading the transcript above, apply the knowledge you have gained: 

-Consider whether in a given situation, one or more frames are more helpful in understanding and addressing an issue?

Analysis – Explain “why.”  may offer additional examples to support answer.

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