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1. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature until they are six…

1. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature until they are six months old. For this reason, a good strategy for dressing a baby is to __________.

Group of answer choices

dress them in short-sleeve clothing only


bundle up the baby with as much clothes as much as possible in order to prevent them from freezing


dress the baby in the same amount of clothing as you would wear indoors or outdoors, while making use of layers and adding or removing clothing as the temperature dictates.


avoid clothing the baby at all. It is more important to swaddle them in a blanket at all times



2. Why were car seats invented?

Group of answer choices

Comfort for children in cars


Fashion/display of wealth


To lift babies up so they can see better


Safety mechanism


3.What is an example of an infant’s effect on the parent-child attachment?

Group of answer choices

Infants are passive receivers of care


How often they sleep


Their temperament


How often they cry


4. ________ refers to adjusting to the child’s needs, communications, and rhythms.

Group of answer choices

Secure attachment


Sensitive responsiveness




Attachment style


5. A mother wants to be sure her child has better self-soothing habits and focused attention. What technique can she use to help her child?

Group of answer choices

Use less praise






Emotional therapy


6.A high quality daycare is measured by all of the following variables except _____.

Group of answer choices

Quality of toys and playground equipment for the child’s physical activity


Warmth and support shown to the child


Time daycare providers spends interacting with the child


Cognitive stimulation provided to the child


7.Families not living in poverty often also benefit from ____ in a community that, in turn, lowers stress levels.

Group of answer choices

Easy temperament babies


Social support


Ethnic diversity


Government support


8. There is a growing gap between adoption and foster care which can be marked by ______.

Group of answer choices

Race and class


Disability and gender


Ethnicity and disability


Gender and race


9. What percentage of children under the age of 18 are adopted?

Group of answer choices









10. Kinship care seeks to do what?

Group of answer choices

Reduce substance abuse problems in foster care


Eliminate the “aging out” process that burdens many foster children


Increase compensation for foster parents


Transform birth relatives into foster parents or legal guardians



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